3 Tips For More Follows & Better Engagement on Instagram

If you’re going to invest the time creating content for Instagram might as well get a return on your time, right?

Here are 3 tips to make using IG worth your while to turn more followers into paying customers!

Tip #1: Get Active

I don’t mean get out and do something physical, even though I’m all about fitness. I mean start liking, commenting and following other people.The only way you can notify someone, besides sending them a message, is to like/comment on their content or to follow them. The more you like other users’ pictures, the more traffic you will direct back to your page. If your content is strong and valuable you will start to build your following by gettin’ active on the gram.

If you’re too busy to be scrolling instagram all day and engaging other accounts, have someone on your team do that or you can use a bot service to automate the engagement. Personally, I use activity automation software to grow my following. Click here to get a 5 Day Free Trial of the software that I personally use to grow my brands.  

Tip #2:  Respond To Your Followers

Odds are if someone is following you they care about you or your content. When fans/followers ask questions on your posts respond to them! These are real people, so don’t leave them hanging. If you’re reading this, you’re probably using Instagram for your business, so those followers are all potential customers! Be sure to always “@” the user when you respond so that they get a notification that directs them back to the original post.

*Pro Tip! Respond to your comments with a question. Doing this will often cause the conversation to carry on, which will in turn increase the relevancy and frequency that you’ll appear in the explore page!

Tip #3: Post Better Content

Instagram is all about the visuals, so make sure that you are posting high quality content. Having good photography is mandatory but actionable advice that focuses on the end user will create the largest impact. Make sure your content is always created with your ideal client in mind. Ask yourself, “Who am I marketing to?” Think about how you can educate your audience and position yourself as an authority with taking a stand for what you believe in with your captions.

As soon as you start implementing these three tips, your Instagram account will be set for success. As a result, you’re going to get better engagement and more followers because you’re using the platform strategically.

If you found these tips valuable then make sure you grab my FREE Instagram Marketing Cheat Sheet so that you can start generating more leads, closing more deals & creating a business that allows to live a life of freedom. CLICK HERE to get it now!