5 Systems You NEED in 2018 to Grow a Successful Fitness Business

I’m going to keep it simple in this blog post. If you want to scale your fitness business you can’t be a “1 Man Show”. You’re going to need a team and repeatable systems to make sure your business runs like a well oiled machine. Below are my Top 5 Systems for Scaling.

1. Scheduling System

If you’re just starting out, this is a MUST. Stop wasting time texting clients individually back and forth to see what times work for both of you two. A system every fitness professional needs from the start is a system to schedule. This will allow clients to book sessions during times you’re available without contacting you multiple times to confirm.

Most scheduling systems track sessions, appointments and send automatic reminders. These automated tasks will increase show rates and decrease the number of things you have to do on a day to day basis to operate your business. Personally, I recommend – Mindbody.

2. Coaching Delivery System

How much time is it taking you to deliver the information to your clients so that they can get the results they are looking for? By having a solid coaching system you will be able to deliver the necessary deliverables for your clients in a timely manner. Having a reliable coaching system will also allow you to track your clients progress, workouts and keep all your coaching materials in one place. You can use software like (affiliate link) or even a simple drip campaign that you can build out in the software I personally use, Actionetics (affiliate clickfunnels link).

Having a coaching system that is consistently repeated or automated will shorten the learning curve for your clients as well as ensure top level service. Spend your time growing your business not running it, create a system that works FOR YOU.

3. Billing System

Having an automatic billing system is essential for any training company. Removing a recurring financial transaction between you and your client is going to allow for more success. Money is always sensitive subject and you don’t want to make your clients feel harassed each time they forget to pay on time.

Having a system will automatically draft your clients account so that you don’t have to take the time out of your day to ask them for payment. A solid system will notify your clients when their payments don’t go through and prompt them on how to update their info, this will take more more step out of your day to day activities so that you can focus on growth.

4. Sales Follow Up System

Sales and following up can seem like a full-time job to a small business owner. You either love sales and marketing or you don’t. Regardless of where you stand, you should definitely think about using technology to help you manage your sales cycles and marketing efforts.

An app I recommend using to track your leads is Pipedrive. Tracking your leads will reduce the amount of people who reach out to you who fall through the cracks as well as allow you to know how many times a lead has been contacted so that you don’t irritate them and turn them off to the idea of working with you. You can try it out yourself for free with this link just CLICK HERE.

If paying for an app is not in your budget, simply create a spreadsheet that allows you to track your prospects, clients and marketing efforts.

5. Member Care System

Another crucial system most fitpros tend to leave out is a system to ensure that every single one of their members are getting the same experience and results working with their company. This system will increase retention rate and ensure that your clients have an outstanding experience. This system includes scheduled check ins, achievement acknowledgements and support along the journey.

Having a system that makes sure your clients are happy and well taken care of, you’ll be set for longevity. This system can even include a survey for your clients so that you can get feedback of how your clients feel about your current operation. A system like this can be created in a simple google spreadsheet.

All of these 5 Systems were created to create leverage so that you can get your time back and focus on what you love to do in your business. These systems will also improve the overall experience your customers are having as well as positioning you as an experienced professional.

If you’re not sure where to get started when it comes to setting these systems up, you can book a FREE call with me so that we see what systems might help you best. Click here to apply for a Free 15 Minute Coaching Call with me.