Have you had dreams and aspirations of becoming something great? Dreams of finally making it “big in life”? Yeah, me too!

Many people grow up their entire lives dreaming of becoming the grown up version they always envisioned that they would be as a kid. As kids we feel like that vision will be our super power. As adults, if we don’t hit that goal we often feel like we’ve failed.

When I was 14 years old, I was 6’ tall and way too skinny. I was so skinny and uncomfortable that I would bug my mom about it day in and day out. Then one day she heard enough of it. She finally was done hearing me complain about not being comfortable in my own skin and did me the greatest favor of all time and hired my first personal trainer.

For 8 months, I did exactly what I was told in regard to training and nutrition and totally transformed my body. This instilled confidence in me and forever changed my life. After training on my own for 3 years, I decided to hire another trainer to increase my strength and conditioning in hopes of earning a full-ride scholarship an d, eventually, a shot at the NFL. All the training paid off as I was named the MVP of the Under Armor Collegiate Scout Combine. Offers started pouring in the mail and life felt

My dream was to play professional football in the NFL. I played and studied the game for 17 years. When’s the last time you spent 17 years consistently chasing a dream? 

I was devastated when I completely blew out my knee and was told I’d never be able to play football again. My dreams were officially over. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do with my life. 

The next phase of my life may not sound terrible, but if you can relate to doing a job that you can’t stand with every bone in your body, then you have an idea as to what I was going through. I moved to Florida to take advantage of a golden opportunity in my family’s business and I HATED IT! I was miserable working 50 hours per week doing something that I didn’t love, so I started working part time at a gym just to get closer to my passion which was in the fitness industry.

I got into fitness coaching because I wanted others to experience the same feeling of confidence that I achieved.

The second scariest point in my life was a year later when I went against my family’s wishes and invested 100% of my time, energy & resources into starting 5 Star Fitness. I saw others doing what I wanted to be doing and thought, “WHY NOT ME?” If you’ve ever started your own business, IT’S SCARY AS HELL! I struggled for 2 whole years trying to get my business off the ground barely making it by. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

It was not until I lost my pride and hired a coach that things began to change. He gave me the tools and insight to transform my fitness business into a career that has provided me not only total financial freedom, but has also given me fulfillment & a lifestyle that I enjoy every day.

I literally 10X’d my business in under 12 months in 2016, then tripled it again the following year, and am now on track to becoming a 7-Figure start-up. I now run 4 successful training studios across Arizona and help other fitness professionals achieve the same success. Its not uncommon for my students to get on track to having 6-figure business in less than 12 weeks of working with me. I don’t share this to brag, I share it to show you what’s possible.

My purpose is to empower healthy lifestyles & I want to help as many people as possible experience the gift of total transformation. I knew that if I helped other fitness coaches grow their businesses, that it would have an even greater impact of helping more fitness clients transform their bodies. If you’re a fitness professional, wanting to take your career and impact to the next level, apply here for a FREE Coaching Call. Just Click The Button Below:

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