How I Increased Conversions by 80% with 1 Phone Call

Why Conversions are Crucial?

The 4 Things I did !

1.  Follow up PROMPTLY

The sooner the better (like literally immediately)
Right after someone applies, I recommend reaching out to them via text and let them know that you received their application, and are looking for an ideal time to speak with them. Every single time I follow up within the first 10 minutes of them submitting their application, everyone always thanks us for being so prompt.

Let’s be real we all want instant gratification meaning we want something now and RIGHT now, like ASAP rocky. Someone might be scrolling social media see something that inspires them and they start searching for local trainers. They find you and apply, then find the guy down the street and apply, they apply with 4 other trainers in the area cuz they wanna get fit now and right now. But since you and your team is on in they follow up within minutes and book her into meet with you later that evening. Your program is probably so good it would be a no brainer for her to work with you. They sign up and literally within hours you converted a lead to a paying customer before any of the other training companies got back to her cuz they were slacking. Don’t wait, be an action taker.

2.  Connect…

You want to build a connection to understand your client’s want/needs or what they feel is necessary make this transformation. A lot of these people are in pain. They’re coming to you for help, so you really need to get clear and what they want and need.

  1. “So X what motivated you to fill out that application and take the time out of your day to chat with me” reminding them they applied to work with you, you’re not pursuing them as a cold lead.
  2. Ask Questions to Find The real reason they are there and Get clarity on what they want. “But why do you want to get in better shape” “What do you mean by better shape? Or What kind of specific results are you looking to achieve”

3.  Have A Great Offer that Provides Value

  1. Define your offer first!
  2. Tell them what they get by showing up. Many fitness companies are giving away free sessions or consultations. Go over everything they will receive so they know what to expect and what they could miss out on.
  3. Frame it as an opportunity to work with you. Let them know you dont accept everyone who applies.

4. Create Value Using a Reference Price Point

Many salespeople use this in their techniques, but this is something I encourage on the initial call. Telling them, “Typically this consultation or this session that you applied for is $100, but since you applied while we were running a promotion, we’re going to be able to waive that fee for you. Is that something you’re interested in?” By using that phrase, they’re going to think if they don’t show up, they’re going to be missing out on a $100 session.

  1. Normally X, but because you applied online we’ll waive the fee
  2. Normally X, but since you know we’ll waive the fee
  3. Normally X, but since you DM’d me I can waive the fee and it’ll be FREE to see if we are a good fit to work together. 


These are the five keys that I used to increase conversions by 80% on the first phone call. I’m sure some of you guys are doing some of this. If you’re not, choose one to three of the concepts I shared and implement them into your initial phone call, and watch your conversions increase.

If you’re not sure where to get started when it comes to setting these systems up, you can book a FREE call with me so that we see what systems might help you best. to apply for a Free 15 Minute Coaching Call with me.